After we spent a vacation in Namibia with an off-road vehicle with roof tent, we decided to buy such a car ourselves. This adventurous way of traveling has touched our hearts. The question "where does the asphalt lead us?" changed to 'through which (nature) areas do we want to travel?' and the question "where can we find a hotel?" has been exchanged for the question 'where do we pitch our tent?'

In 2012 we started looking for a robust all-terrain vehicle for our trip from Amsterdam to Singapore. Various options have been reviewed: Landrover Defender, Toyota Landcruiser 200, HZJ 75 or 78, but we eventually fell in love with the appearance of the Mercedes G.

We discovered that a special military edition was built in 2009, in honor of the 30 anniversary of this vehicle. A robust specimen with little luxury. In Germany we found a night blue Mercedes G PUR Edition. Equipped with two off-road packages, the car is ready for the tough terrain. Literally no mountain too high and the sea too deep. The 'G' can climb a slope with a slope of up to 39°. Absolutely impressive!

The "sea" can only not be deeper than the bottom of the windshield. It remains a car. The four wheels can independently balance on high stones. There is always one wheel that has grip. No matter how difficult the surface is, if one car comes over it, it is the Mercedes G.

After this sales pitch for the "G", just a word. If we are completely honest we must admit that we should have bought a Toyota HZJ 78;), because much more reliable, easier to repair and much more famous in many countries that we cross than the Mercedes G. The 'G' also turned out to be have a lot of electronics, which is not always easy abroad. But yes, sometimes a passionate marriage is better than a marriage of convenience, so we have decided to keep the G.

Over the years we have further adapted this car to our wishes to be able to travel outside of civilization. We can drive around such an 5 or 7 day without encountering any facilities along the way.

See the specifications of the 'G' and the equipment of the car on the right.


Brand: Mercedes G
Model: PUR Edition
Type: 280 CDI
Cylinder capacity: 2987 cm3
Amount of cilinders: V6
Power: 135 kW (185 pk)
Couple: 400 Nm
Fuel: Diesel
Drive: Automatic (5 gears)
Year of construction: 09/2009
Mileage: approx. 150.000 km (mid 2019)
Color: Tansanit Blue Metallic

Off-road package 1 (ex factory)

  • 5-fold reinforced aluminum rims 16 inch
  • Terrain tires 265 / 75-16 BF Goodrich AT KO 2
  • Shorter 4,86 transfer ratio
  • Muzzle coupling on front bumper
  • Reinforced walkable bonnet
  • Wooden cargo hold with gutters for fixing eyes
  • Protection grid for headlight and flashing lights
  • Swiveling reading lamp for the passenger

Off-road package 2 (ex factory)

  • Heating position
  • Simple air conditioning
  • Seat heating front
  • Two winged rear door with spare wheel holder
  • Mercedes-Benz CD-Radio 10
  • Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors
  • Fog spotlight
  • Mud flaps all around

Extra interior adjustments (added later)

  • Scheel Traveler car seats, comfortable for long distances and rugged terrain;
  • Drawer system Frontrunner - dual, special for Mercedes G, efficient storage space;
  • 60 liters of drinking water tanks, so that we definitely survive 5 hot days;
  • Shurflow water pump with water filter, the tanks can also fill with dirty water;
  • Engel fridge MT35 (12 / 24 / 220 V), keeps 35 liters of food and drink cool;
  • ARB Twin Air compressor (CKMTA12) under driver's seat with two air connections; in the sandrelease the tires and quickly inflate on stony ground;
  • Mass switch for switching off the 12 and 24 Volt system, protection of batteries and also against theft;
  • Indication condition of 12 and 24 volt system as well as the engine operating hours, always know if the battery is still good;
  • Center console storage compartment (ORC), small essential supplies always within reach;
  • Storage compartment for the front passenger seat (ORC), Ingrid's most popular storage compartment ;
  • Adapter plug suitable for the 24V-Nato connection in the center console, for connecting the refrigerator to 24 Volt;
  • Victron Inverter Phoenix 12 / 250 VE; charging the laptops;
  • Votronic Solar controller MPP 165 with portable solar panel; recharge batteries if we are not driving for a few days;
  • Aluminum K470 Zarges boxes (3 x 115 liter and 1 x 66 liter); each with its own storage destination;

Extra exterior adjustments (added later)

  • Extra stainless steel fuel tank 81 liter next to the drive shaft (ORC), increases the operating radius considerably (in total 170 liters of diesel on board);
  • Bottom protection for middle differential and fuel tank (ORC), stones on the road can do little damage;
  • WARN ZEON 12 winch, 24 volt, 5400 kg pull, can save the car from difficult situations;
  • Special metal bumper BM 461 for winch (ORC), to protect the winch;
  • Second spare wheel holder on the back (ORC), so that we can drive two tires flat;
  • Snorkel original Mercedes, gives the engine air when fording deep water;
  • Cyclone Filter Mann + Hummel on the snorkel, the engine also gets clean air in sandstorms;
  • Extra diesel filter - water separator (ORC), poor quality diesel causes less damage to the engine;
  • Tinted and heat-resistant glass, also burglary because the luggage is not visible;
  • Roof rack Frontrunner Slimline II 250 cm, for attaching the roof tent, the canopy and a shovel;
  • Frontrunner table holder under the roof rack with stainless steel table, very practical;
  • Spotlights WARN, so that we also see a lot on and off the road in the dark;
  • Magiolina Safari roof tent black 140 cm, wide, extra long (230 cm), spacious'bedroom';
  • ARB awning 2 x 2.5 m with mosquito tent, also handy against the many flies.