Who Are We?

Welcome to Expedition Unlimited, the website of Ingrid and Onno. Traveling is our passion. We would like to share our adventures and experiences with you.

We met in the year 2000 on the balcony of our apartment building. Then Ingrid's travel virus was transferred to Onno. Just before she met him, Ingrid made a three-month trip through South, Central and North America. Then followed, both jointly and individually, trips to eg Egypt, South Africa, China, Cuba, Mexico, Southeast America, India, Syria, Bhutan, Tibet and Mali.

How did Expedition Unlimited come about?
A trip to Japan was planned in 2011. One day after we booked, the plan was abruptly disrupted by the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami. We were eagerly looking for a new destination. Good weather in April was an important criterion. Namibia was on the list and became rap number 1 when we delved into this country. The freedom of renting an off-road vehicle with roof tent appealed to our adventurous character.

We enjoyed this way of traveling so much that we decided to buy an off-road vehicle, a Mercedes G (affectionately called the 'G'), to discover the world.

The first trip with the 'G' was from Amsterdam to Singapore, where we crossed Siberia and Mongolia in the middle of the winter. More trips followed. The unpaved old military mountain roads in the Alps seemed to have been constructed for our 'G'. We enjoyed the unspoilt nature in Iceland, which can be seen off the beaten track in the middle of the country.

In 2015 we shipped the 'G' to Australia. In three stages of a month, interrupted by our work, we drove around in this versatile continent.
We have recently made journeys through Morocco and the Sahel in Mauritania. A report of our journeys already made can be read on this website.

Our new adventure is under "Current journey". We are in the fortunate circumstance that we were able to make eight months off for a trip through Africa.

We start in Cape Town at the beginning of August and expected to enter Cairo in mid-March. However, we travel slower than expected because we enjoy more and have had some setbacks. That is why our final destination will now be Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Enjoy reading!